Мелодия - Alejandro by Lady Gaga.
Текст - Cras

I know it's for fun
and I know that you must do it
but I just can't see this on Youtube anymore

"We got married"
That's the program
in which you're filming now
you're filming now
with Victoria
from the f(x)
all KhunYoung fans
are freaking out
are freaking out

You know that he loves you, boy
Hot in 2PM rejoice
And right now you have to choose
nothing to choose

Just quit the show, just quit the show, Khunehandro
Woo is your babe, Woo is your babe, remember?
Don't wanna see, don't wanna know
Just close my browser and go
Come back to Woo, come back to Woo, forever


stop, please, just quit the show
Khunehandro, just quit the show

she's a good girl
and I admit it
but you forgot Wooyoung, forgot Wooyoung
and all those things that
you did together
but you've just gone
oh, you've just gone


@темы: Nichkhun Horvejkul, FunSong